Monday, March 19, 2012

Lots of new jewelry this week

Name bracelets - $20.00
Cyrstal bracelet, available in many colors... $40.00
Crystal bracelet and ring set - $60.00

Crystal montee ring - $20.00
Crystal drop bracelet - $50.00
Crystal and seed bead bracelet - $45.00
Black crystal and spacer bracelet - $45.00
teal blue and spacer crystal bracelet - $45.00
Angel pendant - $30.00
Swarovski pearl and crystal "lace" bracelet with lavender accents $55.00
Pearl and crystl necklace - $45.00 (great for an upcoming wedding or other occassion)
Crystal and pearl bracelet - $40.00

I have made several new items since I last posted which was a while back. I am doing a jewelry show this Saturday so had to make sure I had enough things to show and sell. Wish me luck!!

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