Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beautiful Rings for purchase

Beautiful rings handmade by DeAnna
I accept paypal and money orders
Please email if interested in any pieces
Thanks for taking the time to look at my jewelry
Bronze crystal "X" ring $25

Checkerboard ring $20

Sapphire band ring $25Amethyst band ring $25

Ruby band ring $25
Fire Opal AB2x "Bling" ring $30
Golden shadow/goldtone "Bling" ring $30
Sapphire "Bling ring" $30
Topaz "Bling ring" $30
Silvertone/crystal "bling ring" $30
Sapphire and blue mix "Bling ring" $30
Amethyst "Bling " ring $30
Black Diamond crystal "Bling" ring $30
Emerald crystal "Bling" ring $30
Red ruby rondell "Bling" ring $30
~~~~Rondelle Rings~~~~

Peridot rondelle crystal ring $22

Light Amethyst rondelle crystal ring $22

Crystal and sapphire rondelle crystal ring $22
Fire Opal crystal rondelle ring $22
Bronze crystal rondelle ring $22

Red rondelle/siam crystal rondelle ring $22

Crystal rondelle and siam ring $22

Teal crystal and rondelle ring (My absolutele favorite) $22

Pearl and crystal ring $20


  1. Holy cow Deanna , you have been very busy - who needs to invest in a color chart when we have you , lol? They're gorgeous!

  2. thanks Kim, appreciate the kind words...Hope you have a great evening